Talk to Your Younger Self + Spiritual Warfare Sequel with Empress C

This Monday night, 10.21, 10-11 p.m., TUNE IN LIVE as we talk to our younger selves. Is there anything you wish you could say to your younger self? Share with us! CALL IN LIVE 301.314.8800. Hit us up on Twitter any time @ThePCRshow.

Also, this Monday, join us as we interview our very own Empress C aka Candace Paul about her new book Spiritual Warfare: Rise to Power! The first book was a best seller. This is the sequel. It should be a great conversation! TUNE IN!

What Is Love?

What is LOVE? What do you think love is? What types of love are there? Do you agree with how love is represented in the media? What do you think love is not? How do you know when someone loves you? What does real love look like?… And so many more questions…

Plus, current events and celebrity news and gossip!

This Monday night, 10.14, 10-11 p.m. TUNE IN LIVE and tell us what you think about LOVE. CALL IN 301.314.8800.

Weed Effects – The Debate Over Legalizing Marijuana


This Monday, October 7th, 10-11 p.m., we’ll be discussing an important topic relevant to the USA right now, which is, legalizing marijuana, the pros and cons.

Josiah Young, esq.

To help inform this conversation, we will have a lawyer, a friend of DJ Boss Player’s, who also happens to be a long-time cannabis advocate, Josiah Young, call in from California. He has handled over a hundred cases involving marijuana, so he is well versed, as well as being a hip-hop artist named J-Why. So, we will play some of his music!

Josiah Young, esq.

Also, we will cover current events and celebrity news and gossip, right here on Pop Culture Revolution! TUNE IN LIVE THIS MONDAY NIGHT!

An Answer to Why?

This Monday night 9.23 10-11 p.m., I encourage you to tune in LIVE and listen to Dr. Allan Lucas Jr. speak to us about America’s history and race, which are inextricably linked. He is a decorated Marine, Navy Seal and Police officer. He sat with Malcolm X and was trained by Bruce Lee in martial arts. He was a military, police and martial arts consultant in movies like the Fugitive and the Hunted and more. He has an Emmy for his multiple award-winning documentary “Thug Life in DC.” He has a unique idea about how to elevate and finally liberate African Americans as a people, which I would like for you all to hear. Check out his book, “A View from the Street-Level,” which is quite thought provoking. TUNE IN LIVE this Monday night to hear this man speak. It just might change your life.

“Dear Black People:” + R&B Singer Shamain + New Cohost Tunisia!


Last week we roasted white people. We’re fair, so this Monday 9/9 10-11 p.m. LIVE, we’re going to make fun of ourselves. Feel free to call in! 301.314.8800.

Tune in this Monday night for the sultry sounds of R&B singer Shamain! Get to know her and her music!

Plus, we’ve got a new cohost! Welcome the beautiful Tunisia back to WMUC!



Dear White People:

Inspired by Netflix’s hit series, Dear White People, we figured we would go along the same theme for an episode, this Monday 9/2, 10-11 p.m. For those of you who haven’t seen the show, it’s about a young girl in college on her school’s radio station, who likes to stay woke and spark conversation, especially about controversial topics on race. Well, we are college radio and we like to educate and spark conversation, so it seems like the perfect topic!

Also, this Monday we have very special guest stand up comedian and rapper, Money M.I.C. coming on the show. Should be great!