It’s time for change


Inspired by the death of 21-year-old artist Juice WRLD due to a seizure from a Percocet overdose, we’re exploring the content in mainstream hip-hop music. In today’s songs, drug culture is rampant and many are concerned about its influence on today’s youth. Other aspects of hip-hop music, although now considered normal parts of its lyrics, are problematic. Murder, misogyny, drug dealing, philandering, strip clubs and other morally objectionable topics are glorified. Why? And, at what cost? We’ll explore…

Systems of Oppression


This Monday night we’re talking about systems of oppression in the United States of America. Fight the power! Tune in live this Monday night!

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Hold It Down!

TUNE IN LIVE this Monday night 11.18, 10-11 p.m.

Young black girls are getting snatched off the streets. They are being dissected for organs. They are being sold into sex trafficking. This is an horrifying trend.

Black men and women aren’t getting married any more. People seem to say baby mama or baby daddy more than they do husband or wife.

Some say wealth accumulation is the most important frontier where blacks need to make progress. Let’s talk about black owned banks and supporting black businesses.

This week’s episode is all about holding it down for the black community simply because nobody is going to help us and we have to do it ourselves. How can you hold it down?


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How do you feel about gentrification? + Kreezy Rax Interview

TUNE IN LIVE this Monday night, November 11th, 10-11 p.m.

“Don’t Mute DC” was a major movement of African Americans in DC trying to keep go-go playing out of the loud speakers onto the street at the Metro PCS store on 7th St & Florida Ave NW. And go-go has now been named the official music of DC. All of this seems to be an attempt reclaim the culture of Washington, DC after a wave of caucasians have come in due to gentrification. We used to be call “Chocolate City.” Not any more. Let’s talk about.

DMV rapper Kreezy Rax joins us for an interview to talk about his music and the state of the game. TUNE IN LIVE Monday 11.11, 10-11 p.m.

The Battle Over Skin Color + Rapper Marc 2Ray and the Armenian Genocide

TUNE IN LIVE Monday, November 4th 10-11 p.m.

Do light skinned people get preferential treatment in America? How is female beauty celebrated with regards to skin color in the US? Ever since slavery, the light skinned slaves got to be inside the house while the dark skinned slaves worked in the field. How much of that attitude is still with us? Let’s discuss it! CALL IN LIVE 301.314.8800.

Plus, rapper and activist Marc 2Ray joins us to talk about his new project, and his now classic single for the Armenian movement, “1915,” plus his upcoming single “Gotta Dream” and his forthcoming album, Fresh Air. He’s been pushing for the acknowledgment of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish government and the US Congress officially recognized it last Tuesday! We’ll talk about it.

TUNE IN LIVE Monday 11/4/19 10-11 p.m.

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How important is sex?

TUNE IN LIVE Monday 10.28 10-11 p.m.

Media, including social media, bombard us with images and the ideas of sex on a regular basis. It’s so ingrained into the fabric of the messages that we receive that we may not even notice it any more. Some of TVs most popular TV shows, like Law & Order: SVU, are based on sex. Let’s not forget that pornography is the most popular industry on the internet. Sex dolls are the rage, apparently. Hook up culture dominates the dating scene. Apps like Tinder and Plenty of Fish have plenty of people trying to have sex on the first date. And, just like the good old days, guys are still trying to score in the nightclubs.

What does this all mean? We’ll give you our opinions. Tell us what you think. CALL IN LIVE 301.592.7285. TUNE IN LIVE Monday night!