The Battle Over Skin Color + Rapper Marc 2Ray and the Armenian Genocide

TUNE IN LIVE Monday, November 4th 10-11 p.m.

Do light skinned people get preferential treatment in America? How is female beauty celebrated with regards to skin color in the US? Ever since slavery, the light skinned slaves got to be inside the house while the dark skinned slaves worked in the field. How much of that attitude is still with us? Let’s discuss it! CALL IN LIVE 301.314.8800.

Plus, rapper and activist Marc 2Ray joins us to talk about his new project, and his now classic single for the Armenian movement, “1915,” plus his upcoming single “Gotta Dream” and his forthcoming album, Fresh Air. He’s been pushing for the acknowledgment of the Armenian genocide by the Turkish government and the US Congress officially recognized it last Tuesday! We’ll talk about it.

TUNE IN LIVE Monday 11/4/19 10-11 p.m.

CALL IN LIVE 301.314.8800.

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