An Answer to Why?

This Monday night 9.23 10-11 p.m., I encourage you to tune in LIVE and listen to Dr. Allan Lucas Jr. speak to us about America’s history and race, which are inextricably linked. He is a decorated Marine, Navy Seal and Police officer. He sat with Malcolm X and was trained by Bruce Lee in martial arts. He was a military, police and martial arts consultant in movies like the Fugitive and the Hunted and more. He has an Emmy for his multiple award-winning documentary “Thug Life in DC.” He has a unique idea about how to elevate and finally liberate African Americans as a people, which I would like for you all to hear. Check out his book, “A View from the Street-Level,” which is quite thought provoking. TUNE IN LIVE this Monday night to hear this man speak. It just might change your life.

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