RIP Trayvon, Black Panther, AZIZA/PE&CE

*Spoiler Alert* We’re going to break down Black Panther this Monday, Feb 26th on PCR. What did you think about the film? Call in and interact! 301.314.8800

Plus, it’s the 6th anniversary of the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin. We’re going to talk about the lessons from the incident and how we can stop such a terrible act from happening again. Check out DJ Boss Player’s article on his blog called “Trayvon Martin, School Shootings, American Culture and Guns.” It might enhance your engagement with Monday night’s show. Go to

In addition, we have very special guests Saran Fossett, the boss lady of AZIZA/PE&CE, and her daughter and Terp, Nile Fossett, coming on to discuss their STRVT fashion show taking place at the University of MD on March 10th, and a host of other topics. Tune in live this Monday late night 11PM-12AM!

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