Social Media is relatively new to all of us.  Flashback to 2003 and Facebook didn’t even exist.  Then came Twitter, then Instagram, then Snapchat and a wave of others.  Of course, none of this would have started without everyone’s friend, Tom from MySpace.  And who could forget the real originator, BlackPlanet?

With the advent of these new ways to connect and explore our world came a lot of conflict and confusion.  What’s appropriate and what’s not?  What’s cool and what’s not? Should I list my boyfriend/girlfriend on my Facebook page?  Should I accept the friend request from my boss at work?  Will the world end if my dad follows me on Twitter?  How many pics of my dog on Instagram are too many before half my followers unfollow me?

That’s just an example of some questions but there are so many more.  This Monday, July 24th, on PCR, we’re going to answer all those questions and set the #newrules for social media.  Tune in at 10 p.m!

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